Abstract guidelines

Abstract submission deadline: Monday 30th July 2016 at 23:59.

A. General Rules

  1. Only original documents will be accepted, which have not been published in magazines, however abstracts which have been submitted in other specialized conferences will be accepted.
  2. The number of authors of each abstract is not restricted. Indicate in bold the author who will present the abstract.
  3.  At least the main presenter of the abstract must be registered for the conference by 15th September, 2016.
  4. Changes to abstracts will not be permitted after Monday 30th July 2016 at 23:59.
  5. Abstracts can be submitted in the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese or French. If the abstract is accepted in the form of an oral abstract, this will need to be presented in Spanish or English to facilitate two-way simultaneous interpretation.
  6. The names of author co-author should appear in the format of surname(s) preceding first name.  The order which the names of the authors appear will be repeated in the subsequent abstract certificates and also in the subsequent publications which feature the works.
  7. The submission of the abstract acts as an agreement of these criteria. The result given by the Scientific Committee of the evaluation of abstracts is final. The Committee will reject any abstracts which do not adhere to these expressed guidelines.
  8. All notifications will be sent via web / e-mail so it is essential to clearly indicate the e-mail address and telephone number (mobile) of the person who will present and / or support the abstract.
  9. All notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent to the authors by email. At a later stage, the Technical Secretariat shall inform of day and time scheduled for the activity. The rules of presentation and planning details shall be included in said communication or future mails.
  10. The presentation format of the abstracts is poster. These will be exhibited in digital format on touch screens in the congress venue.
  11. The accepted papers will be published in an abstract book. Authors give their permission for this by sending the abstract.  

B. Content and activity works.

  1. The abstracts should contain a minimum of 400 words and should not exceed 800 words.
  2. If the document will be sent by email, it must be sent in the format of MS Word (.doc) in the format of the template provided.
  3. The abstract should contain the following headings:
  • Title of work
  • First name and surname of each individual author
  • Address of each individual author
  • Email of each individual author
  • Abstract text
  • The chosen category of the abstract
  • Format: oral or poster

     4.  It is vital to indicate the speciality, place of work and city of           the authors. If it is not the same for all authors, it will need             to be written in the following format:

e.g. (1) Gómez Pérez, Pedro; (2) Flores Serrano, N.; (3) Aguilera Esperidón, L. (1) Polytechnic University of Valencia, Department of Nutrition Technology (2 and 3) Department of Vegetal Biology II, Faculty of Pharmaceuticals, Complutense University. Madrid

     5. In the body of the abstract standard abbreviations will be used. When specific or unusual abbreviations are used they will be stated in parenthesis after the full term is stated.

C. Thematic Categories.

It is obligatory that the abstracts be presented in one of the following areas:

  • Apiculture health
  • Quality of honey bee products
  • Biology. Pollination and Flowers. Pollinating Insects.  
  • Apitherapy and Phytotherapy. Medicine and Pharmaceutics.
  • Apiculture in History, Art and Science.
  • Technology, Economics and Rural Development.


D. Methods to submit abstracts.

OPTION A: Submission via web (Recommended)

The summaries should be sent via the web page of the Congress:  www.congresoapiculturagranada2016.com following the expressed guidelines.

OPTION B: Submission by email.

The abstracts should be sent in the format of an attached MS-WORD document addressed to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee to the following email address: comunicaciones@congresoapiculturagranada2016.com.

It is essential to include the following points:

  • Title of the work
  • First name and surname of each individual author
  • Address of each individual author
  • Abstract text (400-800 words maximum)
  • Chosen category of the abstract
  • Format: Oral or Poster

E. Presentation of abstracts


  1. One of the authors of the poster should stay one hour for delegates´ queries or questions. The exact time will be duly communicated to the authors.
  2. Presentation: A Virtual Poster Exhibition Area will be arranged from the first day of the conference. The use of the official poster template is obligatory.
  3. It is obligatory to send the poster in PPT format (PowerPoint Presentation) with dimensions of 28.58cm wide x 50.8cm height, presentations which do not meet these requirements will not be accepted. The poster file should not exceed 10 megabytes.
  4. Once the abstract is accepted by the Committee, the guidelines to create the poster as well as for its uploading to the website shall be sent to the main author.
  5. The virtual posters will be displayed in the screens situated in the Exhibition Area.

F. Publications

  1. The book of the congress will be published with all the accepted abstracts, with its corresponding ISBN.
  2. The magazine Ars Pharmaceuticals will publish a special edition with the presented works of the National Congress which subsequently fits in the same area of their work. The authors of the works chosen will be invited by the Chairman of the Scientific Committee so that they present in a specific place the work adapted to the format of the magazine. Before its publication the works will submit to the guidelines and scientific evaluations of the cited magazine.



TITLE (Arial font, size 14, one space between words, bold, uppercase and centered)

----------------------------------------------- ONE SPACE -----------------------------------------------                       

SURNAME Name 1, SURNAME, Name 2, SURNAME Name 3…

(Arial font, size 12, one space between words, bold, centered and underline the name of the author who will do the presentation)

----------------------------------------------- ONE SPACE -----------------------------------------------       

1 Institution, email (Arial font, size 10, one space between words, bold and italics, centered)

2 Institution, email (Arial font, size 10, one space between words, bold and italics, centered)

3 Institution, email (Arial font, size 10, one space between words, bold and italics, centered)

----------------------------------------------- TWO SPACEs -----------------------------------------------    

Summary text must fit on one page of A4. Figures, diagrams, tables, graphs or photographs (black and white), references can always be included and where they do not exceed the page of A4.

(Arial font, size 11, one space between words, justified completely)

----------------------------------------------- ONE SPACE -----------------------------------------------       

Acknowledgements (Arial font, size 8, one space between words, justified completely)

----------------------------------------------- ONE SPACE -----------------------------------------------       


Surname, INITIAL OF FIRST NAME, Surname, INITIAL OF FIRST NAME, & Surname, INITIAL OF FIRST NAME. (YEAR OF PUBLICATION). Title. Name of Magazine/Book. In magazines and book chapters, indicate the first and last page. If it is a book, the page number.

(Arial font, size 8, one space, justified completely).